| Sami Gilkes

August Monthly Roundup

Democrats are scrambling to defend their obstructionist records, proving they don’t have the leadership to actually deliver for the American people. Meanwhile, the economy continues to grow under President Trump and Republican leadership. This November, our candidates are ready to kick out do-nothing Democrats and to strengthen the Senate Republican Majority.


This month we released a new ad showing how Senator Claire McCaskill has become a classic Washington insider. She’s used her office for her own personal profit, with reports revealing that her husband’s companies received $131 million in federal subsidies, which Senator McCaskill voted for. Those are your taxpayer dollars paying Senator McCaskill to vote to make herself richer with even MORE of your taxpayer dollars in the form of federal subsidies. 

Missourians nominated Josh Hawley to go up against Sen. McCaskill this November. Josh Hawley has already proven that he will put Missouri first and work with President Trump to deliver positive reforms.

Sen. McCaskill made it clear she is not with hardworking Missouri farmers. When asked to comment on the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsing Josh Hawley, she said, “Give me a break.”

On NRSC TV, we focused on Josh Hawley’s real tour of Missouri while Sen. McCaskill lied about her own “RV” tour  Air Claire tour.

The Air Claire crew made sure that Sen. McCaskill made it to her plane on time. 

West Virginia

West Virginians know that Senator Joe Manchin has spent too much time in Washington, cozying up to the stars of the Democratic Party. Click here to see our new ad.

The second ad targeting Sen. Manchin focuses on his support for Hillary Clinton, even when she promised to get rid of West Virginia coal jobs.

We also reminded West Virginians that Sen. Manchin has used his power in Washington to profit $5 million since his election to the Senate, and apparently, that warrants busting a move. 

President Trump campaigned for Patrick Morrisey, reminding West Virginians that even though Sen. Manchin has forgotten them, Patrick Morrisey is ready to fight for them.

Sen. Manchin tries to pretend that he’s pro-life by hiding his vote to keep Planned Parenthood taxpayer funded, but West Virginians know Sen. Manchin doesn’t support life.


August 8th was National Dollar Day so we reminded Hoosiers that Sen. Donnelly profited from shipping jobs to Mexico to pay workers less than a $1 an hour. Unlike Donnelly, Mike Braun has made a career out of creating good paying jobs for Hoosiers.

Sen. Donnelly finally agreed to meet with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but he’s still waiting for permission from Chuck Schumer to give Hoosiers the justice they support.


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t want to talk about her real record on health care: she supported Obamacare, which drove up prices for Arizonans by 190%.

Rep. Sinema was nowhere to be seen this month, hiding from reporters and Arizonans. If she really wants to represent Arizonans she might actually have to prioritize spending time with them in real life (not just in her staged ads) above fundraising in California with Nancy Pelosi. 

Reporter Josh Kraushaar wrote:

“Trying to report on Sinema’s Senate campaign was like having to deal with an incompetent cable company.”

Representative Martha McSally officially became the Republican to face far-left Rep. Sinema in November. Rep McSally is an American hero with an impressive military career and will put Arizonans first in the Senate.


Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Ohio to call out Senator Sherrod Brown’s refusal to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Ohioans need a leader who supports a constitutional conservative.


We released a new ad focused on Representative Jacky Rosen’s record of inflating her resume. She claims to have built a business, but there is no proof that business ever existed. Nevadans deserve better than her sketchy resume.

Two new ads show Nevadans that Rep. Rosen doesn’t care about them, but only about photo-ops that make it look like she does.

New Jersey

This month, Democrats reserved nearly half a million dollars in airtime for disgraced Sen. Menendez. With so many red state Democrats up for reelection, it’s alarming for Democrats to spend money in an expensive blue state to prop up a corrupt politician. They are clearly desperate to keep a crook like Sen. Menendez in the Senate.


Senator Bill Nelson’s embattled campaign faced another hurdle this month: his own reckless claims. 

Sen. Nelson caused a stir when he declared that Russians “have already penetrated” voter registration system in Florida. This prompted the Florida Secretary of State to write a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee requesting information on Sen. Nelson’s claims. Instead of giving an explanation about these allegations, Sen. Nelson said the information was “classified.”

Without clear answers from Nelson, the Washington Post awarded him Four Pinocchios noting:

 “Not a single speck of evidence backs him up, and we have serious doubts whether the classified information he cited even exists.”

Nelson’s argument that classified information vindicated his claims put him in another serious quandary: was he admitting to releasing classified information?


Both the DHS and FBI have refuted Sen. Nelson’s claims, saying there were no new or ongoing attacks on Florida’s electoral system.

Rick Scott won the primary to become the Republican nominee to go up against Sen. Nelson. Rick Scott is already leading an intense campaign across Florida and is ready to bring new leadership to Washington. 


Senator Tina Smith has no problem playing by another set of rules when it benefits herself. It was revealed her husband has $1 million in a Bermuda hedge fund to avoid paying taxes.

Karin Housley became the Republican nominee to take on left-wing Democrat Sen. Smith in November.


Veteran and businessman John James became the Republican nominee for Senate to face Senator Debbie Stabenow in November. He is prepared to defeat Sen. Stabenow and bring new leadership to Washington!

After spending over 4 decades as a politician, Stabenow’s been avoiding debate invitations from her new opponent, John James. 

North Dakota

This month, we released a new ad reminding voters that Sen. Heidi Heitkamp has protected dangerous sanctuary cities instead of protecting North Dakotans.

We reminded North Dakota of another glaring instance where Sen. Heitkamp abandoned North Dakota values in a new ad highlighting Sen. Heitkamp’s vote against banning abortions after 5-months. 

Instead of standing with North Dakotans, she spent time this month at a fundraiser with her boss, Chuck Schumer.


We launched a new edition of NRSC TV targeting Senator Jon Tester for his luxurious life in Washington. Montanans have a chance to replace Sen. Tester with a real leader that will put them first, Matt Rosendale.

We gave our best birthday wishes to the Senate’s #1 recipient of lobbyist donations: Sen. Tester! You can bet he celebrated accordingly with champagne and birthday cake courtesy of all his liberal elite D.C. donors, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton.

We targeted Sen. Tester with a new ad outing his allegiance to the radical far left when he refused to disavow support from a fundraiser that used violent imagery of President Trump’s dead corpse on the White House lawn in promotions.


The month started off with Rep. Marsha Blackburn officially becoming the Republican nominee to go up against liberal donor Phil Bredesen in November.

Phil Bredesen is spending time trying to convince Tennessee voters that he supports tax cuts, but his record shows the exact opposite. Chuck Schumer has made promises to repeal the GOP tax cuts, and considering he hand-picked Bredesen, we’re sure that he will follow his boss.


Leah Vukmir became the Republican nominee to defeat Senator Tammy Baldwin this November. Leah Vukmir has a record of working tirelessly for Wisconsinites and is ready to bring that leadership to Washington.

Sen. Baldwin keeps doubling down on her support for Bernie Sanders’ radical government-run health care system that would cost taxpayers $32 trillion.

On a special episode of NRSC TV dedicated to Sen. Baldwin, we called her out on her bull 💩. She only makes her way back to Wisconsin during election years and puts on the full Packers-fan, farm-friendly show!


President Trump traveled to Pennsylvania and went after Senator Bob Casey’s reckless liberal agenda. Sen. Casey has been a constant opponent of President Trump and refuses to work with him to deliver for Pennsylvanians. Lou Barletta is running to give Pennsylvanians a real voice in the Senate. 

We need your help to beat the Democrats in November!