| Sami Gilkes

June Monthly Roundup

Obstructionist Democrats haven’t changed their ways, but Republicans are uniting to deliver real results.

Senate Democrats are going to have a hard time explaining why they continue to vote against American workers’ interests. Thanks the GOP tax cuts, businesses are expanding and paychecks are growing. While Democrats are busy with their ethical lapses, campaign lies, and cover-ups, Republicans and President Trump are busy working for you.


Sen. Claire McCaskill tried to show that she’s a “daughter of rural Missouri” but it didn’t go as planned. During her three-day “RV Tour”, Sen. McCaskill used her private plane, all the while promoting her campaign bus tour.

President Trump weighed in on Air Claire’s act on Twitter, calling her “phony,” for being so out of touch with the Missourians she claims to represent.

To honor her fake “RV Tour” we created the “Fly Air Claire” video game for all to enjoy, including Air Claire herself!

Sen. McCaskill’s aversion to “normal” life doesn’t end with her lies about using her multi-million-dollar private plane. Her husband also has invested $1 million in a Cayman Islands hedge fund, a well-known tax haven for the ultra-rich.

And while McCaskill’s family uses this tax dodging scheme to lower their tax bill, McCaskill refused to lower taxes for middle class families when she voted against President Trump’s tax cuts.

West Virginia

After weeks of flip-flopping back and forth on whether or not he wants Trump to visit his state, West Virginians won’t be fooled into believing Sen. Manchin’s desperate attempts to escape his anti-Trump record and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s shadow.

Sen. Manchin was also back in the news this month for yet another ethical lapse. This time, a new report shows the Democrat billed taxpayers for a trip to Los Angeles, where he was raising money from liberal west coast elites.

With his ties to shady drug company lobbyist, Larry Puccio, and dark money, it’s clear Manchin is more loyal to Washington Democrats than voters at home.


For “total tool” Phil Bredesen, June started out on the wrong foot, with Bredesen trying to claim his bipartisan independence. But actions speak louder than words Phil-whatever-his-name is.

We launched a new ad against Bredesen, showing how Bredesen stood arm and arm with Obama and Hillary by donating thousands to their campaigns and supporting their failed agenda.

Later in the month, Bredesen brandished his party loyalties by attending a fundraiser hosted by lobbyists and major Hillary Clinton donors.

To cover up his tracks, Bredesen launched a new ad claiming he’d vote with President Trump if it was something “good for Tennessee,” but yet, Bredesen doesn’t support the GOP tax cuts that have increased Tennesseans’ paychecks.

It’s clear Bredesen doesn’t want what’s best for Tennessee; he wants what’s best for his liberal party agenda.


Sen. Stabenow’s judgement was called into question after she trusted Obama’s dangerous Iran deal.

Not long after, Vice President Mike Pence called out Sen. Stabenow for her vote against more jobs and bigger paychecks for Michigan workers.


For Hoosiers, June was another reminder that Mexico Joe Donnelly doesn’t put Hoosiers first.

Ironically, Mexico Joe boasted his “labor for Joe” coalition, supporting Hoosiers whose jobs his family business outsourced to Mexico. Meanwhile, the workers in Mexico Joe’s family factory in Guadalajara work for $4.70 per day.

On the first day of Summer, Mexico Joe’s factory workers couldn’t enjoy the day because they couldn’t afford it. But you know who could? Sen. Joe Donnelly and his family, who profit from exploiting workers with low wages by outsourcing jobs to Mexico.


On “Montana This Morning” Sen. Tester did everything he could to dip, dive, and dodge his way out of answering questions about the million-dollar home he owns in Washington, D.C.

We released a new ad targeting Sen. Tester for his comfortable lifestyle in Washington, where he votes with liberal Democrats over Montanans.

Sen. Tester claims Chuck Schumer has “never” pressured him on a vote. Sen. Tester’s voting record says otherwise, as he votes with Schumer 89% of the time. Maybe the two became friends on their $15,000 Cancun vacation?


After voting with liberal Democrats 90% of the time, Sen. Bill Nelson blew his cover as a “moderate independent fighter.”

Following the rollout of Governor Rick Scott’s tenth campaign ad as opposed to Nelson’s one, Scott leads Sen. Nelson in the polls.

Sen. Nelson has been under fire throughout the length of his campaign. Nelson’s total lack of outreach to the Hispanic community sent his campaign scrambling after an article was published citing his failure to show up for Florida Hispanics.

Fueled by the growing worry of Democrat party leaders over his feeble campaign, Sen. Bill Nelson flip-flopped on a judicial nomination. His party loyalty was on full display when he voted against a judge he personally recommended to please Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer. It just so happens the flip-flop came on the exact same day Schumer’s liberal super PAC released a new ad helping Nelson’s struggling campaign.


The month of June was ultimately the culmination of Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s failures to Wisconsinites as she once again chose partisan politics over her constituents.

Reports emerged that as a result of Sen. Baldwin’s inability to take action, malfunctions at the Tomah VA Medical Center cost taxpayers $60,000.

Not only has Sen. Baldwin failed veterans, but she failed farmers in America’s Dairyland too. Sen. Baldwin has an abysmal record of voting against programs, funding, and deregulation bills that benefit Wisconsin farmers.

Despite her record of continually undermining policies that would benefit the Wisconsin economy and dismal approval ratings, Sen. Baldwin has settled on a strategy of flying in every liberal she can think of in an attempt to mobilize some form of support.

She’s voted against the National Defense Authorization Act 12 times, which was a vote against funding the military, providing tools for the defeat of ISIS, and providing a pay raise for troops.

Sen. Baldwin tried to cover her true liberal colors as she cozied up to President Trump with a new ad to tout her “buy America” provision to the Water Infrastructure Bill. Only when her re-election depends on “America-first” will Sen. Baldwin actually put America first.


This month, Sen. Brown found himself on the wrong end of a third fact check of his first two campaign ads of 2018.

Vice President Mike Pence called out Sen. Brown for opposing the GOP tax cuts that are allowing countless workers across Ohio to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.

Yet, Sen. Brown hasn’t voiced a single regret about his irresponsible decision to deny middle-class families the ability to keep more of their hard-earned money.


Rep. Rosen continues to criticize the GOP tax cuts even after her campaign staffers have seen more of their own money in their wallets.

If she’s not insulting middle-class families’ tax cuts, she’s hobnobbing in California with “resistance” liberals like Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Steyer.

Sen. Heller not only voted for tax cuts, but played a key role in the bill’s creation. President Trump knows that Rep. Rosen won’t stand with Nevadans but stands with the most liberal Democrats, giving her the nickname “Wacky Jacky.”


Rep. Sinema began the month of June by showing Arizonans they are not her priority. She “snuck in” and “snuck out” of important meetings including a hearing on border security, and refused to answer basic questions regarding her flipped stance on the Iran Nuclear Deal.


Despite the radical doomsday rhetoric Sen. Bob Casey and his Washington Democrat pals used to oppose the Republican tax reform legislation, the tax cuts have already delivered massive benefits to Pennsylvanians.

North Dakota

Sen. Heitkamp spent the month relying on Chuck Schumer’s super PAC to convince North Dakotans that she’s with them. She votes with liberal Democrats over and over again, forgetting why North Dakotans need her to fight for them.

President Trump was right to tell North Dakotans that they can do better. Heitkamp is just another Washington liberal who votes against the policies that matter most to hardworking families. When Sen. Heitkamp had a chance to lower taxes for the middle-class, she forgot about them and voted with her party bosses.

Sen. Heitkamp is going to have a hard time explaining why she was such an advocate for Hillary Clinton when clearly North Dakota did not want her liberal agenda.