| Sami Gilkes

September Monthly Roundup

There’s less than 40 days left until Election Day, and Americans have a chance to go to the polls to send a message that they want to continue on the path of economic growth.

Democrats are busy fighting among themselves and running away from their liberal records, while Republicans are working to deliver real results for hard-working Americans.


Sen. McCaskill finally agreed to debate Josh Hawley, and Missourians got to see again that Sen. McCaskill has gone full Washington. She spent the debate running away from her liberal record of supporting failed left-wing policies that put Missourians at risk.

President Trump traveled to Missouri this month, making sure Missourians understand that Sen. McCaskill must be replaced and that they need Josh Hawley in the Senate to fight for them.

West Virginia

Sen. Manchin has deceived West Virginians for too long. We want to make sure that every West Virginian knows that Sen. Manchin stands with abortion groups like Planned Parenthood – no matter how hard he might try to fool them.

This isn’t the only thing that Sen. Manchin isn’t telling the truth about. He might use guns in his ads, but he can’t deny that the NRA gave him a “D” rating for his attempts to take away West Virginians’ 2nd Amendment rights. Sen. Manchin has spent far too much time in Washington listening to liberals like Chuck Schumer over West Virginians.


Sen. Tester likes to talk about working with President Trump, but he doesn’t have a problem fundraising for Democrats using language like “hold Trump accountable.” Montanans aren’t going to be believe this act and know the truth, that Sen. Tester goes against President Trump at every turn.

Donald Trump Jr. traveled to Montana to support Sen. Tester’s opponent, Matt Rosendale:

“He is the definition of the swamp,” Trump Jr. said. “He pretends to be like all of you. But he’s not. He pretends to be a hunter and an outdoorsman, the only problem is the last time he bought a hunting license was the last time he was up for re-election. He doesn’t actually hunt, he just shows up for the photo op.”


Vice President Pence went to Florida to make sure Floridians understand that Sen. Nelson votes more with liberals like Elizabeth Warren.

Sen. Nelson has spent the month receiving campaign help from some of the most liberal members of the Democratic Party like his ticket mate, Socialist Andrew Gillum, Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton’s super PAC.


Rep. Barletta is committed to getting things done for Pennsylvanians while Sen. Casey is one of the least effective Senators, getting nothing done.

North Dakota

Sen. Heitkamp is consistently talking about how she “will work with anyone.” But when a pro-life women’s group wanted to meet with Sen. Heitkamp, they were repeatedly denied a meeting. It’s clear Sen. Heitkamp will only work with people who agree with her radical record on abortion.

Watch below for the full details:

When North Dakotans needed Sen. Heitkamp most, she listened to Chuck Schumer once again to vote against policies that would have helped North Dakotans.


Rep. Sinema has spent this month as she spends every month – running from her lies and extreme beliefs. Arizonans and members of the military will not forget that she protested our troops in a pink tutu.

It was proven this month that Rep. Sinema once defended the predators found hiring underage prostitutes, believing they shouldn’t get harsher punishments and that it’s “not fair.” Watch the fact check on this story.

Often you’ll hear Rep. Sinema talking about being “homeless” with her family as a child. The New York Times found that she was exaggerating that story. It’s disgusting that she would use something so serious to gain political points and deceive Arizonans.

Rep. Sinema’s judgement lapses don’t end there. She took over $50,000 from backpage.com, a website shut down because it was enabling predators to traffic children. Once again, Rep. Sinema’s priorities are in the wrong place. She only returned the money once she got called out for it.


John James is fighting to give Michiganders a conservative and strong voice in the Senate.


Sen. Baldwin is still skirting the truth about the Tomah VA and her refusal to act. She was alerted to the opioid abuses going on, and neglected Wisconsin’s veterans, costing one veteran his life.

Leah Vukmir has spent her life working hard as a nurse, caring for each patient. In the meantime, Sen. Baldwin is working on covering up her gross inaction. She went as far as hiring Hillary Clinton’s political “fixer” to help.


Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly is going to have to answer for his record of getting NOTHING done for Hoosiers, standing against the Trump-Pence administration over and over again. Hoosiers need someone who actually created jobs and spent his life making Indiana better like Mike Braun.

We released new ads hitting Sleepin’ Joe for his ineffective record and basically sleeping on the job. Hoosiers can do so much better than this.


Rep. Rosen continues to take money from Hollywood and out of touch liberals. President Trump even went to Nevada to remind Nevadans that Sen. Heller has spent his time in the Senate fighting for veterans, cutting taxes, and putting Nevada first.


Rep. Renacci is meeting with voters in the Buckeye State, making sure Ohioans are heard and their issues listened to.


Chuck Schumer’s tool, Phil Bredesen, continued to hide from his liberal record and true colors. Unlike Marsha Blackburn, Phil Bredesen won’t stand up for Tennesseans, but will stand for the policies his liberal bosses want him to support, leaving Tennessee behind.

Phil Bredesen had to face Marsha Blackburn in a debate that only proved how out of touch he is with hard-working Tennesseans and his own record.

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