| Sami Gilkes

May Monthly Roundup

Republicans are expanding opportunity and delivering for the American people. While Senate Democrats are busy placating to their radical base, the Republican Majority is coming together to produce commonsense solutions.

This month, the Chairman of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee said that 2018 red-state Senate Democrats would “welcome support” from the one and only Hillary Clinton. This seems like an odd strategy since those states handily rejected her in 2016!

Senate Democrats have their obstruction routine down pat, once again playing partisan games to try to block President Trump’s extremely qualified nominee for CIA Director, Gina Haspel. It’s a disgrace that Democrats would try to score political points by working to obstruct such a crucial national security position.

Check Out the Latest From the States:

West Virginia

West Virginia’s primaries this month proved Sen. Manchin is in deep trouble. Republican turn out was up 61% percent compared to 2014 and Joe Manchin considerably underperformed his 2012 margins. With Patrick Morrisey as the Republican nominee, West Virginia is ready to unseat Sen. Manchin in November.

Sen. Manchin kept digging himself into a hole, going back and forth on whether President Trump should come to West Virginia – a state he won by over 40 points. It’s clear Sen. Manchin doesn’t want President Trump to come to West Virginia and tell everyone the truth that he’s just another Washington Democrat.

Since Sen. Manchin doesn’t want President Trump to come to West Virginia, maybe he’d be happier to have a “good friend” like Hillary Clinton come campaign for him.

Tax reform is giving West Virginians more of their own money ($235 Million!) back, no thanks to Sen. Manchin!


This month, Sen. McCaskill got to go back to Hollywood to fundraise with her best buds, including former President Obama. Since she’s fundraising with Obama, we’re wondering if she’s going to welcome rejected and wildly unpopular Hillary Clinton to Missouri as well?


Former Governor Phil Bredesen released a new ad touting his record of creating jobs for Tennesseans. Which is odd, since unemployment nearly doubled when he was Governor.

President Trump traveled to Nashville to rally for Rep. Marsha Blackburn and made it clear that Phil Bredesen is wrong for Tennessee. President Trump hit Bredesen for just being another “tool” for Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

He’s right. Not only did Bredesen support the worst of Obama’s policies, he donated thousands to Hillary Clinton, and now, wants to raise taxes on Americans.

North Dakota

Once again, Sen. Heitkamp is going outside of North Dakota to find more campaign cash as her popularity in North Dakota continues to sink further.

May 10th marked the anniversary of Sen. Heitkamp’s deciding vote that let Obama’s job-killing BLM methane rule continue to burden North Dakotans.

Sen. Heitkamp has time and again supported the wrong foreign policies including Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal. Watch Chris Berg highlight how North Dakotans cannot trust her judgement.

Sen. Heitkamp fervently supported Hillary Clinton so is she going to let Hillary Clinton fervently support her campaign in deep red North Dakota?


Sen. Nelson has a lot of catching up to do as he continues to put off campaigning. Gov. Scott is already out with 8 ads, while Sen. Nelson finally released his first digital ad at the end of May.

We’re not sure if he’s just having a hard time coming up with his actual accomplishments or nervous to answer to Floridians. One thing he’s definitely having a hard time with is being named Loser of the Week by the Tampa Bay Times.

Gov. Scott has always been a strong advocate for lower taxes, but Sen. Nelson has voted many, many times to raise taxes on Floridians.

Sen. Nelson finally decided it was time to actually campaign, but his new ad is focused on keeping Washington the same while Gov. Scott is focused on bringing new ideas to Washington.


Despite his many failed attempts, Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly is having a tough time convincing Hoosiers that he is a moderate largely because he is receiving huge amounts of campaign cash from his radical, left-leaning Hollywood cronies.

Sen. Donnelly needs to decide whether he’ll accept campaign support from failed Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, or simply pretend that he never supported her in the the first place.

With no accomplishments to speak of for after nearly a decade in Washington, new polls are showing that Sleepin’ Joe will have an uphill battle to win reelection in his state.

Our new ad focused on President Trump, reminding Hoosiers that Sleepin Joe Donnelly votes against them time and again. President Trump encouraged Hoosiers to send Republicans like Mike Braun to the Senate to actually get to work!

Once referring to pay in Mexico as “slave wages,” Joe Donnelly can’t explain why his family business is outsourcing their labor to Mexico. No surprise here, though. Mexico Joe hates answering questions.


The month began with Sen. Tester being slammed for living a double life of pretending to be bipartisan at home, but voting with his partisan pals when in Washington.

We launched a new ad against Sen. Tester focused on him spreading lies and false accusations on President Trump’s pick to lead the V.A.

Sen. Tester likes to claim he’s against outside groups supporting him but he’s happy to receive help from outside groups to the tune of over $1 million.

All in a week’s time, Sen. Tester went after President Trump’s pick to head the V.A., then reversed his campaign proposal on not using dark money, and ended properly with Trump’s request for the Democrat to resign. It wasn’t Sen. Tester’s best week in Washington.

To no one’s surprise, Sen. Tester followed suit with his fellow Democrat Senators and voted no to Gina Haspel’s confirmation to the CIA.

Nervous Sen. Tester’s campaign finance reports revealed that he increased his campaign spending by adding $800,000 in media buys in the two weeks that followed President Trump’s criticism of Tester, who has a “big price to pay.”

Sen. Tester opened it up to everyone to submit ideas for his official campaign t-shirt so we decided to join in!


Rep. Rosen’s ineffectiveness as a lawmaker was on full display this month when she failed to stop Nevada from being a nuclear waste dump with funding for Yucca Mountain passing the House of Representatives.


To start the month off, we launched a new ad against Sen. Stabenow, calling on the partisan Democrat to stand up for Michigan instead of sticking with Washington liberals.

Sen. Stabenow took her sweet time letting Michiganders know where she stood on the confirmation on such a crucial nomination as CIA Director.

It’s clear Sen. Stabenow hid her intentions on confirming Gina Haspel because she was ultimately going to vote against an incredibly qualified nominee. It’s no surprise Sen. Stabenow played her usual partisan games with a nominee that gained bipartisan support.

To wrap up the month, news that rejected Hillary Clinton might join Democrats on the campaign trail probably didn’t receive a very warm welcome from Sen. Stabenow’s “deplorable” constituents.


Rep. Sinema was caught in a lie when she made claims she was responsible for stopping a congressional pay raises but it didn’t take fact checkers long to find out that wasn’t true.

Rep. Sinema once voted against the Iran deal but now is reversing her position since her Democrat party bosses didn’t like that.


The Ohio Democrats can’t seem to catch that “blue wave” they’ve been hoping for as their voter turnout for the Ohio primaries put Sen. Brown’s hopes of reelection under water.

In alignment with his fellow Democrats, Sen. Brown found secrecy and partisan politics to be the best strategy for his decision on whether or not he would vote to confirm Gina Haspel.

In response to the lack of transparency on Sen. Brown’s behalf regarding Haspel’s confirmation, we launched ads asking Ohioans to demand that Sen. Brown confirm Gina Haspel to the CIA.

Just as any loyal Democrat would, Sen. Brown voted against confirming Gina Haspel despite Haspel’s widespread approval and recommendation by people across the political sphere.

Self-interested and possible 2020 Democratic presidential nominees welcomed Sen. Brown’s presence at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress, a far-left think tank. With a history of ignoring the needs of his hard-working Ohioans, it makes sense that Sen. Brown might be joining his Democrat buddies to blaze the trail for a presidential run of his own.


Tammy Baldwin has landed herself in a predicament. Will she welcome Hillary back to Wisconsin despite her disastrous loss both in the general election and the Democratic primary?

Tammy Baldwin dodged questions on her position on Gina Haspel while she chose between obstructing the President’s agenda and voting to keep all Americans safe.

Once again, Tammy Baldwin sided with her Democrat leaders  and against national security by eventually opposing Gina Haspel’s bipartisan nomination to lead the CIA. She wanted to leave one of the nation’s most vital national security positions vacant.


After spending his career hurting the coal industry, Sen. Casey’s first campaign ad was trying taking credit for saving health care for coal miners – the same coal miners he wanted to “put out of business.” One ad can’t change his real record.

Despite broad bipartisan support, Sen. Casey voted to oppose Gina Haspel’s CIA nomination, jeopardizing American national security. Sen. Casey doubled-down on his commitment to far-left coastal elites.

Since being elected, Sen. Casey has become an “aggressive progressive.” Pennsylvania needs a leader like Lou Barletta to protect Pennsylvania.

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