| Sami Gilkes

July Monthly Roundup

This month has brought up some big questions for red state Democrats. Will they continue to listen to their party bosses like Chuck Schumer or stand with their constituents? We’re not holding our breath for an answer.

President Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to join the Supreme Court after Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Every red state Democrat is going to have to decide if it’s worth ignoring their voters and risking reelection to please their DC bosses.

America’s economy just keeps on booming. Under President Trump and Republican leadership, the American economy is working again. This quarter, the GDP grew 4.1%, unemployment is at a 50-year low, and Americans are optimistic about the future!


Missourians are still wondering where their Senator, Democrat Claire McCaskill, stands on confirming the extremely qualified Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She’s going to have a hard time explaining to Missourians why she won’t support President Trump’s nominee…if she ever breaks her silence.

Sen. McCaskill likes to talk tough when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, but she conveniently forgets to mention that her campaign has taken more than $150,000 from Big Pharma this cycle alone.

Sen. McCaskill has used her political office for her personal gain too many times. This month, it was revealed that her husband collected more than $131 million in federal subsidies for his businesses since she took office. After November, she’ll no longer be able to use her office to line her pockets.

President Trump made sure that Missourians didn’t forget that Sen. McCaskill voted against tax reform during his visit this month. She continues to downplay its success — even when it means more money for hardworking Missourians. Vice President Mike Pence also reminded Missourians that they can do so much better than a liberal obstructionist Democrat like Claire McCaskill.

Safe to say this scandal made for an unhappy birthday for Sen. McCaskill.



This month, we launched an Instagram TV video to make sure Hoosiers know the difference between American businessman Mike Braun and Mexico Joe Donnelly. Click to watch!

Mexico Joe’s outsourcing practices contrast starkly with his opponent, Mike Braun, who pays nearly double the minimum wage.

We also celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Mexico Joe Scandal, where the AP reported Sen. Donnelly’s family business outsourced Hoosier jobs to Mexico.

Hoosiers support President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, but Sen. Donnelly is going to have make a decision about whether he’s going to listen to the marching orders from his party or side with Hoosiers. The clock is ticking for Sen. Donnelly to make his decision.

West Virginia

After earning support from left-wing Democrats and pro-abortion groups, it’s clear who Sen. Manchin really stands with.

With over 59% of West Virginians wanting him to confirm President Trump’s nominee, Sen. Manchin is in a tight spot considering Chuck Schumer expects him to vote “no.”


Phil Bredesen likes to pretend he’s “undecided” on supporting Chuck Schumer, but he has no problem in getting help from Schumer’s super PAC.

We’re also wondering if he’ll support Sen. Gilibrand’s extreme calls to abolish ICE since he’s accepting her donations to his campaign.

This month, Bredesen also earned himself 3 Pinocchios from the Washington Post for making false claims about his record as Governor.

Vice President Pence visited Tennessee to make sure that Tennesseans know that Phil Bredesen doesn’t support the successful GOP tax cuts and supports an extreme single-payer health care system. 


Vice President Pence hit Sen. Casey in Pennsylvania for his record of choosing the failed policies of Barack Obama over what Pennsylvanians need and want.

Sen. Casey even said he would oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before even hearing who the nominee was. The reaction to his extreme choice hasn’t been as good for Sen. Casey as he might have thought.


Sen. Nelson likes to denounce dark money but has no problem with it helping him during a tough election year.

Sen. Nelson may have voted for higher taxes 349 times, but he’s trying to dodge paying his own. It was revealed that Sen. Nelson’s campaign continues to use dirty tricks to avoid paying its fair share of payroll taxes and healthcare costs.


After President Trump announced his highly-qualified nominee to the Supreme Court, it’s no surprise that red-state Democrats like Sen. Debbie Stabenow have a rocky road ahead:

It only took three days after President Trump announced his highly-qualified nominee to the Supreme Court for Sen. Stabenow to announce she would vote NO on confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh, putting her at odds with Michigan voters.


Sen. Baldwin spent the month bringing her liberal pals to Wisconsin to campaign for her, inviting outspoken socialist Sen. Sanders and “Abolish ICE” Sen. Gillibrand.

Instead of making sure Wisconsinites know where she stands on the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Sen. Baldwin has avoided questions, claiming she hasn’t had time to answer.


We launched a new ad against Rosen, showing Nevadans that a vote for Wacky Jacky is a vote for Nancy Pelosi, weak borders, and high taxes.


This month, we learned Jacky Rosen lied about her record again. She likes to brag about her small business experience but now has been exposed for touting a business that may have never existed.

Rosen’s latest FEC report showed that multiple Hollywood elites are bankrolling her campaign, further proving her allegiance is to coastal liberals and not hardworking Nevadans.


The Supreme Court nomination puts Sen. Brown in a tight spot. He now has to choose between  following Sen. Schumer’s obstructionist agenda for the campaign cash or siding with Ohioans.


Rep. Sinema likes to claim she won’t support Chuck Schumer, but she has no problem with the Democratic Party boss when his group is spending thousands for her campaign.

Even though Rep. Sinema claims she’s “fiercely independent” and wants to  “get stuff done,” there’s plenty of evidence that shows she’s bluffing — like when she left a hearing on the opioid crisis early to meet donors or how her voting record aligns with Nancy Pelosi’s 76% of the time.

Rep. Sinema has yet to let Arizonans know where she stands on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. How can she represent Arizonans in the Senate without having a clear answer on what kinds of judges she supports?


This month, President Trump traveled to Montana to rally support for Matt Rosendale. Sen. Tester welcomed the President with a full-page newspaper ad touting his “support” for the President, but we thought we’d remind him of the numerous times he’s sided with his radical leftist base.

At his rally in Montana, President Trump exposed Sen. Tester’s liberal voting record of favoring sanctuary cities and voting against tax cuts. He made clear what we all know: a vote for Sen. Tester is a vote for his Washington liberal friends, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

After President Trump announced his extremely qualified pick for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Tester was immediately faced with a tough decision as a Democrat running for reelection in a deep red state – will he vote to appease his liberal party bosses in Washington, or will he vote with the people of Montana?

North Dakota

We started July launching a radio ad attacking High Five Heidi Heitkamp and reminding North Dakotans that she high-fived Chuck Schumer after her pro-abortion vote.

Sen. Heitkamp is faced with a tough decision on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Will Sen. Heitkamp actually vote like she’s from North Dakota and listen to the majority of North Dakotans who want to Confirm Kavanaugh, or will she give Chuck Schumer another high five and vote against the confirmation?

Instead of letting North Dakotans know where she stands on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Heitkamp is once again hiding from her red state and bolted from reporters to avoid questions.

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